Saving the Bees & Trees from extinction and mass deforestation!

○ Here at PalmPrint Innovations™, we strive to make a measurable difference in the world through a hands-on approach!

○ Together we will plant billions of trees and replenish our environment!

○ We will also save the bees from extinction with your help!
Track your MyFy™
Your MyFy™ is your score showing the difference you've made in the world! 
Track your adventure
MyFyto™ will track your entire journey, including seeds planted! 
Track your workout
MyFyto™ will track your calories burned, distance and altitude climbed!
Share your difference
You will be able to share your journey to all social media platforms!

As well you can take photos and share your adventures with others on the MyFyto™ App 
CEO - Tyler Mackechnie
Tyler has specialized in Direct Sales & Social Media Marketing for the past 4.5 years, before that he was a Fire-Fighter, worked with the Federal government and worked his first job in Highschool at McDonalds. 

The goal for Tyler & PalmPrint Innovations™ is to leave a legacy, as he is related to Johnny Appleseed! Due to this ancestry, this is a project he knew he had to be a part of and grow!

Tyler attended two years at Frostburg State Univeristy with Jake but ultimately left before graduating to pursue a deeper purpose in Sales and Marketing!
Owner of PalmPrint Innovations and Inventor of the FytoStick
Jacob (Jake) Queen

He's worked with multiple social media apps, the federal government, and delivered pizza for Papa Johns in high school. 

"We're doing this for you. PalmPrint is a vision for sustainbility exemplified. We can really make the world a better place by working together."

Jake attended Frostburg State University, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Urban and Regional Planning and minored in both Sustainability Studies & Sociology! 
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  • Built out of handcrafted bamboo
  • Elegant Design
  • Proprietary techniology
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